Hi Mr. Wolf! How do I perform aftercare properly? I love telling stories, does that count?

You need to prepare before you engage in sex, especially if you know it’s going to be intense. Have snacks next to the bed to give her some energy afterwards. Have her favorite drink ready. Get clean sheets to wrap her in. If its going to be really intense then she will likely need warmth. A heated blanket can do wonders. Cuts need to be cleansed with ointments. Have a few soft cloths ready so she doesn’t have to wash herself after. Some girls don’t like to be wet and some don’t mind but gently patting her dry can help.

All of these things are going to help but the main treatment is going to be the gentleness in your hands. The firm way in which you support her body as she clings to you. The deep and loving tone in your voice as you tell her that she’s safe and you’re not letting go. The kisses you place on her neck and chest and forehead and lips. You must nuture her as if its the last time you’ll ever see her. Begin the aftercare even before the sex is done. Hold her so close during her orgasm. Right as she cums tell her that you need her. Tell her she’s everything to you and you love her more than anything and to cum only for you. Don’t let go of her. Drive her all the way through it. Exhaust her. She craves it. But then capture her and hold her as close as you can giving the most passionate of kisses on her neck and face. Do it everywhere. Pepper her with kisses like you’re addicted and you can’t get enough. Lay her back gently. Lean in over her but don’t rest on her. Just cover her body with yours. Protect her. Shield her from the world for a few moments. Continue kissing.

After she catches her breath put her in her favorite position and then keep her close. Skin on skin as much as possible. Tell her how wonderful she is. How perfect she is. How you can’t believe how lucky you are to have such a beautiful amazing girl and that she’s all yours and no one else can have her but you. Tell her she’s safe now. Breathe with her. Move with her. Be one with her. Believe it and she will feel it I guarantee you.

Its about passion and love. If she doesn’t fall asleep then give her sweets and pamper her and hold her up. Make her giggle. Tell her how amazing it was. Give her nourishment. Inspect her with care. Make sure she’s alright. Carry her to the restroom if she needs to go. Carry her back. And don’t let go. Keep constant contact and make her feel safe. Aftercare is a necessity. Its the bonding part of the relationship. Its how you build the foundation of your relationship and only through showing her that you will catch her when she falls will you truly earn her complete submission.