espikvlt: Slave BeautyYou have released me from my deep slumber…


Slave Beauty

You have released me from my deep slumber and I am eternally grateful. Because of this, I will now become your slave. Watch as I strip out of my dress just for you, then lock myself up inside a collar. Watch as a spank myself, proving I am worthy to be your slave. I will then give you a blowjob and after that, gag myself. I begin to finger myself, preparing for you to take me. And then you put your cock inside of me, backwards and forwards. Then I get out my Bodywand with your dick still inside of me and you watch my expressions as I cry out in pleasure. Look at my eager pussy and my pleased expressions up close. Then I lie down with your dick still inside of me and the Bodywand still pressed against me and have a loud orgasm. I finish it off by licking all the cum off your dick.

The run time of this video is 21:55 and the price is $25.

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           ~*~Do not remove this caption or my snakes will eat you.~*~

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