An Adoption Request For Caregivers


Over the past year, my relationship with My Little Princess Yummybutt, and blogging here, has really taught me a lot about being a Daddy. A Caregiver without a Little who needs them is like an empty water glass in the center of a vast desert. To hold a Little’s care, well being, and protection in your hands, is to have a purpose and focus that can bring so much strength and satisfaction to your life. In an effort to help good, available Caregivers locate wayward Littles, I have created this application to help put them in touch with one another.


Caregivers: Please answer the following questions, removing my notes (everything between the parenthesis) before answering each one, and cut and paste the application into a fanmail to send to me for posting, submit it through our submit link, or post it on your own blog. When posting, cut and paste everything after this sentence to the very bottom of the post.


1. Name: (What can we call you? Remember that using your real name can result in security issues. Remember you are not to be called Mommy or Daddy before submission is offered to you)

2. Age: (How old are you in real life. Must be 18 for posting on my blog)

3. Physical Descriptors: (Height, weight, tall, short, skinny, BBW, measurements, ethnicity, hair color, eye color… etc. This is for any physical description details you think a potential Little should know)

4 Gender/Gender Identity: (Are you male or female, and does that answer need further clarification concerning your identity?)

5. Sexual Identity: (Straight, Bi-Curious, Bi, Gay, or any other that you may want to qualify)

6. Gender/Gender Identity of Little You Are Seeking: (Little boy, little girl, little boy who identifies female, flexible, or any other you may want to qualify)

7. Sexual Identity of Little You Are Seeking: (Straight, Bi-Curious, Bi, Gay, flexible, or any other that you may want to qualify)

8. Approximate Location: (Where in the world are you? This is especially important if you are looking for a real life Little to care for in your physical world, rather than a Long Distance Relationship. Remember that being too specific about your location can result in security issues)

9. Occupation: (School, Parent, occupation, field of study, work field, none, or other applicable areas that seriously take up your time)

10. Living Situation: (at home with parents, on your own, raising kids, living at school, roommates… etc.)

11. Proximity Goal: (Long Distance, Real Life Relationship, or flexible. What are your hopes for distance between you and your little)

12. Past Caregiver Experience: (Are you a new Caregiver? Have you cared for one or more Littles already? Write what you think a Little would want to know about your past experiences)

13. Little Kinks: (Pacifiers, diapers, lap time, corner time.. This is for kinks that are little-centric that resonate with you.)

14. Other Kinks: (Bondage, anal play, butt plugs, hair pulling, punishment, canes… etc. This space is for any non little-centric kinks you may want prospective Littles to know about)

15. Hobbies and Interests: (Real world ones)

16. Availability and Time Constraints: (Available 24/7, not available during work hours, not available weekends, not available in the morning, varies, or others)

17. Preferred Methods of Communication: (Kik, Skype, text, Tumblr, e-mail, SnapChat… etc. This is for communication platforms or specific contact information if you wish)

18. Little Desires: (Older, younger, long hair, tattoos, short, obedient, challenging, affectionate, ethnicity… etc. This is a place for you to express what physical or personality traits you want most in your potential Little)

19. Desired Little (Submissive) Experience: (New, experienced, or flexible)

20. Additional Comments: (Anything not included above you think a potential Little should know before contacting you)


To respond to this request, reblog it to your own blog and add comments, add a note expressing interest, or contact the owner of the blog you found it on in an ask expressing your interest so they can post it. REMEMBER WHEN FILLING THIS OUT THAT BEING A CAREGIVER IS A BIG RESPONSIBILITY, AND THAT SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND KINKY PLAY IS JUST ONE PART OF BEING A CAREGIVER. Please also feel free to reblog this post if you are interested in helping quality Caregivers to find a Little to care for. 🌹

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